Quality and Responsibility

Capability, consistency and craftsmanship

We achieve the highest product quality by planning all of the required measures meticulously before and during order processing and by systematically monitoring the quality of all the production processes. Qualified members of staff in every department go to great lengths to ensure that statutory provisions are met without ever losing sight of our goals and objectives.

At the heart of all our work is our zero defect culture, whose aim is to minimise possible sources of error and at the same time optimise the quality of the products and the harmonisation of processes.

We always employ cutting-edge technology: For our development and engineering software as well as for our production and quality assurance systems.

Hammerwerk Fridingen GmbH proactively manages the company's role in society. We therefore ensure our impact on society is as positive as possible. Positive for our current, former and future employees and their families, our customers, suppliers, partners – and last but not least the communities of which we are part and society as a whole.